picture of Sean McGhee
has performed with Doris Justis as for over 31 years.  Singing and playing guitars, they have been noted for their close harmonies and fun stage presence.  They have been the houseband for the "Music Americana/WFMA Showcases" since 1984.  Sean is an outstanding tenor vocalist and guitarist, with a quick wit and irreverent sense of humor.  A master of the 12-string guitar, he was featured as one of the "Three Folk Tenors."

picture of Sean McGhee w/ Jay Keating
Sean McGhee with a little help from Jay Keating

picture of Sean McGhee w/ Mae & John Keating Keating
Sean McGhee with a little more help from Mae & John Keating

picture of Old Town Tradition

Playing their own blend of Bluegrass, Country, Blues, Folk, and Americana Roots music, the is a band based in the Washington DC Metro Area.  Performing at local venues, regional festivals and other events, the group is sure to please Bluegrass and “Newgrass” lovers everywhere.  The band met in Alexandria, VA at the Tiffany Tavern, a venerable Bluegrass staple in the Old Town area….hence was born.  Members of the band range in both age and geography, and each brings their own flavor to the mix.  Marlo Lewis has been tearing up the Mandolin for over seven years.  Also a singer and avid guitar player, Marlo is originally from Scarsdale, NY.  Pamela Ferguson is a freelance violinist who plays classical, jazz, klezmer, and now bluegrass!  She also teaches classical violin privately and in the public schools.  Brian Renzella is originally from near Wheeling, WV.  Brian is a self-taught singer and guitarist with a love for Pickin’ and Grinnin’.  John Werntz hails from the Philadelphia area where he learned to play the upright and electric bass.  He learned bluegrass music playing with Whetstone Run in State College, PA.  Evan Sands is the newest member of the band. He's been playing banjo and singing for over 30 years now.  Evan is a huge Bela Fleck fan (but then again, who isn't?)

picture of Old Town Tradition