Crow Johnson

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Born into the artist communities of Greenwich Village and Woodstock, NY, Crow Johnson was destined to play and sing. Her father was a classical composer and Jazz pianist, her mother a flute student, and step-mother a viola/violinist.

Growing up in Texas, it was her grandfather that first took to calling her “Crow”. Crow Johnson’s first professional gigs were in Houston, TX in 1962. Coffeehouse, folk club, TV, radio, and concert appearances carried through her college years in Austin.

As part of the folk-rock duo, Avalon, Crow moved to London, England in 1968. There she had major recording and publishing contracts with EMI.

Returning to the States, Crow longed for and eventually found a patch of Ozark hardwood forest... “to build a cabin, live simply, and work on music and touring”. Since 1978 she has performed solo zigzagging the USA. A regular at the Kerrville Folk Festival since 1981.

Between 1978 and 1994, Crow published and edited a quarterly folk music magazine known to many in the folk music world...The Zassafras Music News, which supported and linked singer/songwriters and their fans.

In 1995, Crow Johnson was the recipient of the WFMA Kate Wolf Memorial Award.

"If Crow is a new experience for you, prepare to fall in love...her music always celebrates human connection. Crow embraces us with her loving spirit. Lower the lights, pour yourself some wine, and listen...."--

Note: This information was posted to the web site when Crow appeared at our 15th Annual Benefit Weekend, January 14-16, 2000.