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A Two Volume DVD Set of
The Chad Mitchell Trio Farewell Concert
November 15, 2014
Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club

An unforgetable finale to the Chad Mitchell Trio's 55 year career.
This two volume DVD set contains the entire Farewell Concert:

Volume One:

Photo of Tom Paxton

Photo of Side by Side

The Gaslight Singers

Photo of the Gaslight Singers
(The order of performances on Volume One is the same as during the original concert: Gaslight Singers, Side by Side and Tom Paxton.)

Volume Two:

Photo of the Chad Mitchell Trio

Retrospective Video

Photo from the Retrospective Video
The entire retrospective video shown at the end of the concert, showing performances by all variations of the Chad Mitchell Trio and Mitchell Trio

The Finale

Photo of the Finale
All of the evening's perfomers singing along with a video clip from the 1987 concert with John Denver.
This video was professionally recorded using 3 cameras, by Sound Resolution, Annapolis, MD.

The sound track was professionally recorded, directly from the microphone/instrument inputs, and mixed specifically for this DVD, by Lost in Transduction, Washington, DC.